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A Guide to Guarantor Mortgages

Looking for a guarantor mortgage? We’ve got all the relevant info you need to make a decision, right here. Finding a mortgage is never easy. Especially when there’s loads of stages and processes to go through. Many people find that they’re not eligible for a mortgage, as they can’t pass the strict affordability checks that come with mortgage applications. If you’re... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to think about before a reverse mortgage

Basically, a reverse mortgage is a type of loan where the homeowner uses their home equity as collateral in exchange for cash through different modes of funds distribution. They can choose to get a lump sum, a line of credit, monthly payments, or a combination of these. So, this might seem like a pretty good deal, especially for all those hard-up senior aged 62 and up, but there are things you... [Continue Reading]

How Debt Management Plans Could Improve Your Finances

If you are struggling to keep your head above water due to juggling numerous debts- then you should start looking into the various options that are available such as debt management plans, consolidation or IVA. Often, people panic and are reluctant to seek help due to the fear of filing for bankruptcy. Although going bankrupt can be the best and only option in a few circumstances, it is not the... [Continue Reading]

Do Mortgage Companies Consider Bitcoin As Income?

With the increasing growth of bitcoin, more and more companies are accepting it as payment on everyday goods and services. If bitcoin is one of your investments, or maybe your only investment, creating an income can be made easier. It may be worth checking out the Bitcoin Code Review. What about a mortgage? Do mortgage companies consider bitcoin as income? Short Answer First off, as far as our... [Continue Reading]

How to get the most appropriate property insurance

For the first time ever, the total value of investment in residential property in the UK has surged past the £6 trillion mark, said the Guardian newspaper on the 29th of November 2017. Add to this the estimated £883 billion invested in owner-occupied and tenanted commercial property (according to figures published by property agents Costar on the 21st of July 2017), and it is apparent... [Continue Reading]

Financial Advice Doesn’t Help! You Need Cash Now!

If you were to search the internet for tips on how to earn some extra cash, the results may not be exactly what you were hoping for. You’ll be taken to a bunch of blogs that describe ways for you to build an emergency fund, start a side hustle, or sell your belongings through the online classifieds. Sure, that’s all good advice when you have the time to spare. However, most financial... [Continue Reading]

How to Refinance a Home with Bad Credit

Credit can be a tricky thing to tackle. If  you’ve lost your job or become overwhelmed with medical bills, you may not be able to control your credit health. There are many things that you can do to help your score, but it will still take time to rebound. Unfortunately, life still goes on. You may find that you still need to use your credit to purchase things, even though your credit is... [Continue Reading]

Seek Help from a Mortgage Broker to Avail of the Right to Buy Scheme

With the government’s right to buy scheme, people who could not afford the increasing mortgage rates can finally have better terms. This scheme started several years ago, and it has gone through a lot of changes since then. Nevertheless, it has become a successful scheme and a lot of people have benefitted from it. The only problem is that it is still a complicated process. If you have... [Continue Reading]

How to Solve Party Wall Problems

First of all, what is a party wall? A Party wall is a wall which is shared by two adjoining buildings; a common wall between them. It is not uncommon for disputes about party walls to occur in some situations. If you have a party wall problem, you should try to resolve it as soon as you become aware of it. You will probably need the help of a building surveyor. According to expert surveyors in... [Continue Reading]

Qualities to Look for in an Online Estate Agent

Online estate agents are great in the sense that you can get help in selling your property without necessarily taking a lot of time just to speak with them. They can set up meetings online so that you can do other stuff at the same time. You need not worry if you are getting quality online agents. They have been around for a long time and they know exactly what they are doing. Here are some of... [Continue Reading]