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5 Things to think about before a reverse mortgage

Basically, a reverse mortgage is a type of loan where the homeowner uses their home equity as collateral in exchange for cash through different modes of funds distribution. They can choose to get a lump sum, a line of credit, monthly payments, or a combination of these. So, this might seem like a pretty good deal, especially for all those hard-up senior aged 62 and up, but there are things you have to think about before jumping right into this loan. To know how much your home will get you should try using a reverse mortgage calculator. Not only do you have to think about prices, you must also think about other factors that will directly affect you and your loan.

Factors to consider:

1.Understanding the program

It’s one thing to read about this online and using a reverse mortgage calculator to know the possible amount you can get, but you really have to get a lot more information regarding this loan. Ask the authorities in charge, inquire with different agencies, as sound advice from experts or family members. These will help you in discerning whether or not you would really want or need this type of loan. And allow you to think and logically for your next financial move.

2.Check your equity

This is very important before you dive into this loan. You as a homeowner should know the value of your equity and check it with a reverse mortgage calculator online. This will help you pinpoint the amount you can have when you choose to get this loan and give you a better view of how things will work out or if you can manage this type of economic move.

3. know the fees and rules

There are many fees involved in this program and many of which, you will sometimes pay upfront or monthly, like the tax payments and insurance. Another would be the rules and laws that affect your state and your reverse mortgage loan, like the Mortgage limit set by the HECM. So beside knowing your equity and gauging the amount with a reverse mortgage calculator, you also need to ask the local authorities or agencies about these prices and determine the most probably amount you can get from this loan.

4. Take to your family

This loan not only affects you as owners but also your heirs, since one of the due dates is when the owner passes away, the property will inevitably then be handed to your heirs. Therefore, having a discussion with your family will also be put into consideration. You can explain to them the possibilities and the details of the loan and even show them the results of the reverse mortgage calculator to soften them up and have a discussion on how you would want it to be paid in the end.

5. Explore your options

There are many ways to get money as a senior, this type of loan is often considered a last resort but sometimes this would also be an effective retirement plan for others. SO before going through with this you should have already looked at your other options since you just might lose your house in the process of trying to pay out the loan. Again, rechecking your amount with a reverse mortgage calculator will help you decide if this would really be the best option for you.


Beneficial as it may seem, this economic move still requires proper though and would need you to consider many things as well. So, understand more about this, check your equity, use a reverse mortgage calculator, know the fees, talk to your family and consider your option. Hopefully this will help you decide the best possible choice for your interest in this major financial move.

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